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Completion of 2016 and Transition into the New Year with Mindfulness

This year 2016 has brought all kind of experiences into our lives and now comes a time to reflect, to assimilate and prepare ourselves for the new year coming up in just a few days.
7 Steps for a Dharmic completion of the year:
Day 1:      Overall reflection

Write down the main experiences of each month, from January to December. You can include some insights that are relevant to you at this time. After completion take a few minutes to meditate with compassion and gratitude.
Day 2:       Evaluation of your resources
Write down how you did manage your resources in time, space, energy, finance, .. through the year. Also, you will observe has been your health and discipline. Write down your observations and what you can learn from it. After completion take a few minutes to meditate with compassion and acceptance.
Day 3:      Flow in your relationships, channel your emotions
Write about your relationships this year with your family, your friends, co-workers, as well as with the environment, the community and yourself. Take some time to observe how is your intuition and what you learned in regard to the emotional intelligence. After completion take a few minutes to meditate with compassion and love.
Day 4:       Motivations, self-confidence
Write down if your self-esteem is healthy and balanced. Observe if you took actions to nurture your heart’ callings, to follow your wishes and inspirations. Take a moment to connect within your heart and see what is the intensity of the fire within you. After completion take a few minutes to meditate with compassion and acceptance.
Day 5:       Mindfulness
Write down what are the main lessons that you have learned this year; if you have explored new cultures and opened your mind to new perspectives. Reflect with clarity and take a few minutes to meditate.
Day 6:       Moment for integration
Write down or do a drawing or a collage that reflect Your experience of 2016. Then, take a few minutes for meditation and integration.
Day 7:       Celebration and Transition
Clarify your Intention for the New Year and Celebrate Life with gratitude, compassion and inspiration.
2017 – Numerology Nr.1 for new beginnings in alignment with clear intention and true purpose.
Christelle Chopard
Expert in Holistic stress management – guidance to navigate life transitions
DHARMI® Method
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