I Waning Moon – Clearing space

It has been a day of travels from Florida to Costa Rica. I setup my intention at the beginning of the day to open path and to release attachments.

Each and every steps have been a chance to be very alert from Roam to the airport, from the land to the air, from the air to a new land, driving from San Jose to Guanacaste by night.

Along the path a few synchronicities happened. I had the chance to meet dear friends at diverse locations along the road. Giving and receiving in a balanced way supports harmony in our relationships.

Late in the evening, after a fresh shower, I centered to practice the Vortex of Energy Meditation.

It is the night, I am in the mountain and here nature’s midnight’s songs. The breeze moves the trees and offers her wise whisper. The crickets, the dog in a village nearby remind us of all the life there is even in the midst of the night.

At the beginning of the practice I felt my energy being quite distracted. I noticed that some stresses from the travel and drive were very present in my field. After a few breaths ad movements, I began to settle into my space and at the location I am at the moment. My point of reference was shifting to find a centered position. I felt very grounded at the end.

Other people who are practicing the VoE Meditation for a moon cycle as well shared:

“I did my VOE in the circle of trees 😊 My intention was purity and I picked Ether. I wish you a smooth rest of the journey Christelle! Love and light 🙌🏻🌟🌿”

“My first day practice was quite lovely… and relieving. Slight distraction in my surrounding environment but I allowed myself to harness the distraction to focus deeper within myself 🙏🏼”


Love & Inspiration

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