II. Clearing Space

During the night I had a symbolic dream clearing webs. It appeared first with a sense of despair until I became more lucid in the dream and could lead the direction with more clarity.

I began the day with the Five Tibetan Rites and drank Sandalwood floral water, which grounded me and supported the clarification of my energy.

Through the day, I noticed some resistance to open to the new rhythm. Being mindful of it allowed me to let go and to bring my attention towards the new place I am at the moment. From that moment some beautiful synchronicities appeared along the journey.

It is also today that my stepfather had a knee surgery. I staid in touch with my family and could speak with him later in the day. I chose to do my practice after that conversation.

Also it has been a day with many clarifications with K. Ward, connection manager, on how to setup a new software that is more user-friendly for the DHARMI Institute.

I chose to do the practice below a tamarind tree in a peaceful area. Through the practice I noticed a profound connection to the healthy earth below my feet. Listening to the birds singing around I moved through the practice with ease and flow.

When I faced the Element of Water, I first felt a heaviness in my belly which came with some emotional pressure. It brought some awareness to let go of some worries that I had for my stepfather’s surgery. It also brought to the surface 2 memories from situations that affected me strongly when I was a little girl. After a few breaths a certain fluidity opened releasing emotions which I could channel to empower my intention of the moment.

When I completed the Vortex of Energy Meditation I felt lighter and more confident.

Here are a few insights from other people who are joining me along this Level II Immersion –  28-day journey:

“My intention evolved to become I am a clear purified container grounded to Mother Earth and connected to universal source. Allowing for the free flow of energy, action and expression. ” Keeley


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