IV. Clarification 11-11

11-11. A day of clarification and alignment to strengthen the light and connection -within and all around-. In a symbolic date as today, I remember the beautiful week-long Dharmi Retreat that I conduced in the week of the 11-11-11 in Costa Rica with a group of 11 people. It was an insightful experience where we combined yoga, meditation, workshops based on the five elements for wellbeing and self-development, and daily activities in the natural environment.

Today, I channeled my actions and thoughts with clarity, honoring a positive intention. It was a day filled with creative energy and precious moments sharing quality times.

We cleared space in the garden and I used the Lemon Grass that was left to prepare a delicious Ice-Tea, and another part of it for Oils with healing properties. The main properties of Lemon Grass are to relieve headache, reduce stomach ache, alleviate abdominal and muscle pain. Also it kills germs, reduces fever, boost the energy and eases digestive tract spasm. I prepares a part for internal intake with an iced tea that we drank through the day. We still had much more left which inspired me to prepare Lemon Grass Oil for external use, with its properties to act as an astringent.

It has been a day of explorations in many aspects, learning from the wisdom and the medicine that Gaia is sharing with us so generously.

The Vortex of Energy Meditation today happened in a harmonious flow. The strongest Element being the Earth, giving me a sense of support while navigating transitions. My senses were very alert. Some insights appeared clear to let me see the origen on some obstacles that I experienced in the last few months. With the movements, breath and focus to the positive intention I felt a flow of clarity, lightness and groundless moving through me.



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