V. Unveiling Wonders

We are still in the energy of the waning moon. As we clear space the energy opens and unveils wonders.

Today, I went around villages where people live in very humble homes and conditions. Some areas have been very affected by the strong storm that passed by. I saw a woman who expressed so much happiness, with her eyes shining bright with emotions as she is slowly building her home, brick by brick, step by step, with so much dedication.

I went for a run at a beach and discovered hidden creeks and beaches, some paradisiac areas at the pacific coast.

The Vortex of Meditation Practice has been peaceful and clearing. In the direction of the Air Element I felt some vulnerability and distraction in the first few breaths. After the clarification of my mind a space of clarity and a vision appeared. The passage towards the other elements tuned in gracefully with the frequency of my intention. I completed the meditation feeling very alert while being relaxed.

Christelle Chopard

Here are insights from today’s experience from other DHARMI TRIBE Members:

“I picked the Fire Element essential oil for the VoE Meditation today. It came to my awareness that I have been hiding my gifts, caught up in incorrect belief systems and that its time to let go of those beliefs. I asked to be guided.” Keeley

“Today I decided to begin my meditation in the morning, instead of the evening. I found I needed to release myself from some negativity and aggression that I had been harnessing. I have been waking up with my right shoulder in a lot of pain, to the point where it hurts to move it around. I took the time this morning to really focus on releasing the emotions behind the pain, and I found when I focused on the emotion behind the pain during the water part of the meditation that is when I felt a release from my shoulder. I am still feeling most connected to the fire when I meditate… I believe this is due to the action I have been placing on focusing within myself and this new chapter within my life. I am putting forth the action to harness my strength, power and wisdom to truly reconnect to myself and this beautiful life growing within me.” M.



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