VI. Letting go

In this sixth day of the Vortex of Energy Meditation practice, it is a time to let go. We can release attachments and expectations to unveil the inner gifts.

For many people, those characteristics have been hurt, mislead or misunderstood in the past. And when the layers are clearing up to give space, they can feel exposed and vulnerable.

I have been in creative flow and had the honor to guide some people on their journey. It is a blessing to see people embracing more of who they are, unveiling their gifts and manifesting inspirations. It is only when we accept who we are that we can grow with abundance.

My practice today was in tune with the flow of the day. The Element Earth reminded me to stay grounded, to stay strong on my own two feet. I am releasing some attachments, taking a healthy distance from distractions. My mind could focus on the intention while moving with grace to balance the seven frequencies. It felt right, sweet and strong.

Today, I had the opportunity to work in different dimensions as I created a space for a labyrinth and healing space where to practice the VoE Meditation in a strategic location.

May your journey be prosperous and balanced.

Christelle Chopard

Here are stories from other DHARMI Tribe members:

“After the VoE Meditation from yesterday. I am happy to say that I woke up today with no shoulder pain. I look forward to an insightful meditation this evening. Many blessings :)” M.


Love & Inspiration

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