VI. Relief

It has been a day filled with emotions and connections while feeling very Present in the Here, Now through the experiences of the day. I did my practice of the Vortex of Energy Meditation late this evening, when I could find a moment to settle in to recenter.

Being mindful that we are in waning moon cycle reminds me to be patient and to stay in the clearing mode. It gives strength while staying well focused on the intention and direction we choose to go towards.

I used this awareness and patience to learn and develop new skills while staying attentive with priorities along the way.

The Water Element was predominant and I observed great focus through the meditation. This afternoon and at the beginning of the meditation I felt some heaviness in my head. With the movement and breath I experiences relief in the neck. Releasing tightness creates space for more clarity and alertness.

Mapping the journey while taking in consideration the Intention and seven frequencies for alignment within and around enrich your life experiences. It brings more tools to navigate transitions step by step with mindfulness.


Christelle Chopard

“Insights from today’s meditation:

I found that through out my meditation I began to feel a strength in my energy field. I felt more clarity in each element… and even experienced more energetic release during the water/emotion party of my meditation. I had been cramping quite a bit before hand and when I was focusing on the emotion of fear and releasing/transcending that fear I experienced natural releases from my abdominal area, which culminated with no more cramping. After my meditation I was able to contain the energy in a healthy and stronger manner then I had before in my other meditations. I came to the realization some may not resonate with my energy field after a powerful meditation which can cause me to come crashing down, but this time I held my ground and was able to continue to resonate from the peaceful state I was/am experiencing. I still have no more shoulder pain and it truly blows me away 🙂 it was a very powerful weak for me filled with clearing, clarity and rebuilding wisdom and strength.” Megan




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