VIII. Balance

It has been a day for balance and alignment. Nature and some beautiful birds offered guidance this morning leading my steps to the right places and people at the right time.

We worked on another step in the alignments in the form and clarification of the energy for the labyrinth and space for Vortex of Energy Meditation on the top of the hill. It is getting stronger and clearer.

Through the day, I faced some resistance to invest and to open new connections professionally. Though I found the strength and energy to transcend and to stay focused. It has been a great surprise to connect with beautiful people who join their strengths to support the wellbeing and elevation of mindfulness in the world. It is a blessing to be part of some movements that are powerful and focus on bringing light, peace and support in the community.

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At a time in the afternoon I observed an attraction to drive my energy to distractions that wouldn’t be healthy for me. Yet I found the strength to stay in a clear path aligned with my intention. It is still a sensitive aspect from which I am learning a lot.

After clarifying the Map using my GPS, I practiced the Vortex of Energy Meditation, day 8. Today my fire was the element that was calling the most attention. It was scattered. After a few breaths and the empowerment of my intention, I could channel the energy with acceptance and compassion. At the end, I felt balanced and centered.

Other people practicing today have shared their insights clarifying their strengths and taking a healthy distance from distractions.


Christelle Chopard


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