X. Reconnection

In this New Moon we experience a chance to connect and to reconnect. Her slight light is appearing in the darkness of the sky reminding us of the light at the end of the tunnel, bringing hope in our hearts.

I planted the seed with intention in the heart of the sacred space on the mountain this morning. A unique symbol at a symbolic time.

It has been a day of reconnection for all the people I worked with and connected with. Releasing expectations and attachments, we give space for the gifts to unfold. It is quite a vulnerable space to be. When we take a distance from self-judgment or from some hurtful critics that we may have experienced in the past, we can heal and rebuild the connection to be who we truly are. We are all so unique and different that we complement each others in a way that leads to greater visions and manifestations.

I had the blessing to share a very unique and insightful time discovering the world of the talented artist Valerie Rey in Tamarindo. She blends in nature, co-creating beauty, bringing a chance for a new life! A moving rebirthing journey.

What is your role and intention?

During the VoE Meditation practice, I observed softness and strength getting together. At first they were resisting each others until they agreed that they would grow best by complementing each others. Those voices agreed to join their forces for balance. It has been an inner encounter of two qualities that have caused duality. This time as the intention and the connection to source has been so strong, they got together to support the same cause. The Element of Fire was shining with warmth, dancing gracefully. I could experience a very clear and unique quality for each of the seven frequencies. They tuned in at the end giving a sense of ease and profound relaxation.

After a very active and full day I surrendered to the night.


Christelle Chopard

Here are stories from other tribe members who are practicing the 28-day VoE Meditation Journey:

“Aloha Christelle,

I woke up this morning understanding that in order to stay strong and connected I would need to do my practice before beginning my day. Today is Day 1 for my rebirth/ new moon.

I felt a strong connection with todays meditation. I did notice that the pain in my right shoulder was slowly creeping up again, which I believe is connected to the emotion fear. I made sure to practice today with intention and guidance from mother earth. Even though I did feel slightly distracted when it came to the Earth part of my practice. I felt most connected today to water. I took the time to focus and release the emotionally pain I was experiencing, and I felt this womb like connection from my belly to the earth. I felt this pleasant flow through out my body as I was connecting from Earth to Sky. I would say during the fire part of my meditation I began to feel this powerful movement and warmth within my body, and I took time to center this feeling after my 7 spins.

I feel most connected to myself today then I have the past few days, and will go through my day bringing this connection and intention.

Much love, 


Love & Inspiration

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