XI. Vitality

This Sunday the energy was rising for many. It has been a day to share quality times with loved ones and to focus on wellbeing and balance.

We shared insightful conversations and experiences with Cathy from Colores del Pacifico. Our expertises complement each others with the intention to support wellbeing and evolution in the community.

After a busy day, I felt tired and was not very motivated to do the VoE Meditation. Though, I chose to keep up with the commitment to myself to do the practice for a whole Moon Cycle (28-day). Half asleep, I chose the Element Fire in the Essential Oils. When I connected with the scent, it gave me energy to enter in the practice. Through the movements a profound sense of gratitude appeared. I noticed some tensions in the base of my head towards the neck. Many crackling sensations and noises moved through my neck and shoulders. My joints were releasing something that felt quite deep. It was creating space. I am not sure yet for what, yet some openness is happening. I chose to release expectations and to stay focused on my intention.

A very peaceful and restful night followed the practice. This meditation supports the release of stress and worries which has supported many people to find sleep after long term insomnias. The VoE leads you in a harmonious state of mind and relaxation.

Christelle Chopard


“Insight from today’s meditation 💕

At a point I did not want to do my meditation I just wanted to lay in bed and watch tv. But I said to myself Megan, please do this, take the time for yourself. This will help you. I took some time and meditated in a seated position to recenter myself and gain a stronger focus. I then proceeded with the meditation… I felt most connected to the earth and fire. During the fire I felt this powerful connection and vision of the Phoenix rising from the ashes and I could feel this immense strength and confidence from within. I had some resistance during the water and air and even at the end I still experienced some physical resistance within my body… I am experiencing a bit of tightness on my lower spine and upper right spine.

I was a bit rushed in the meditation and I think that supported a bit of resistance but when I finished I chose to take a few moments and feel the resistance and take a few deep breaths and I was able to release most of the tension


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