XII. Keep Moving

There is a rhythm in the day that keeps us moving.

Like a dance, we are sensitive to our surroundings as well as to our own personal steps. We respect the space and timings of everyone. We listen and move accordingly to the frequency of our intention.

It has been a busy day where I opened up to my surrounding showing my vulnerability, which makes me feel stronger.

In the late afternoon I visited the largest labyrinth, la Senda Costa Rica. Gritt has been so welcoming, sharing about her journey and her role as the guardian of the sacred space. She invited me to walk the labyrinth while informing me that the night will fall along the way. I could go another day or choose to walk the path in the moment. The labyrinth is 10 minutes walk in the forest from the house. The house is in a remote location away from other villages. I chose to walk in. Step by step, surrounded by cactus and monkeys I explored, passing through motions and emotions.

It was as if all the spines of the cactus were clearing my mind and my energy. Like antennas connecting to other dimensions, I felt alert and sharp. So many spines lead to a surprising smooth journey.

The Vortex of Energy Meditation keeps me moving. As it is an active meditation, it reminds us to stay in the flow honoring the law of impermanence. There is no need to try to hold on and to look back. As light and alert as I felt, the dominant Element was the Earth, which gave me a sense of support and confidence.

May your journey be in flowing motion.

Christelle Chopard

Love & Inspiration

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