XIII. Clarifying the new steps

On this thirteen day of VoE Meditation practice, we focus on clarifying the new steps. This represents a strengthening and a preparation before entering into the expansion cycle.

Developing new skillsets and exploring new possibilities along our journey requires dedication as well as trust in your choices and directions.

As we focus mainly in intention, we can observe some profound transitions that brings to surface some aspects we may have procrastinated or repressed. It also gives the chance to face obstacles that we wish to overcome.

Today I did the practice in the new meditation space that we just completed today. I focused on the intention on each steps along the way. The intention was feeling so clear and aligned. I felt contained and supported in the space which is exactly what I need in a time of transitions.

People are hopeful and getting together to support each others positive causes. More and more movements for wellbeing, for support to the community and to the environment are being pro-active. We can join our visions and expertise for a better world.


Christelle C.

Love & Inspiration

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