XIV. Pain Management

In our human being experience, we all experience pain at some time of our lives. May it be physically, emotionally, energetically. Yesterday, I found myself with a sacro-iliac and lower back blocked, in very sharp pain. It has been a time to rest, to heal, to nurture myself in a time where I feel so inspired to stay pro-active and moving.

Physical signs like that brings me back to my body, alert to some profound sensitive aspects of life. It is a call for grounding and the opportunity to release profound layers where my body accumulated memories after some injuries and stressful aspects in my life. The Osteopath noticed the connection in between knee and neck injuries that caused some blockages in the connection between the upper and lower body. Using fresh curcuma and ginger as anti-inflammatory, and cacao beans to release the muscle spasm helps along the journey.

Through a DHARMI® session some flash back, memories and fears came to the surface clearing the energy. Through a profound inner work, I am still exploring and slowly unveiling a few gifts that were repressed, covered behind those layers.

We entered in the cycle of waxing moon, a time to unleash new potentials.

During the Vortex of Energy Meditation, I had to be very alert and sensitive to the sharp pain that was appearing in some of the movements. I observed moderation in my movements and honored the rhythm, the extension that was possible while staying at the edge of the pain.

I chose the Air Element. Through the practice I noticed that I could go a little further breath by breath, clearing space along the way. During the meditation some clicks and declicks resonated within which released some pain.

Through the day, I had the chance to manage the pain and to channel that energy creatively. I created my first video-clip showing the process of creation of the vortex space for healing and meditation, that we created in these last few days.

We went to the beach for a beautiful sunset followed by a thanksgiving celebration evening. I kept managing the pain by sitting and standing, listening to the signs and moving, releasing whenever necessary.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! <3


Christelle Chopard

Love & Inspiration

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