XV. Patience

Patience is a quality that can be quite challenging to develop.  There is a subtle line between holding back, procrastinating, and being patient while staying focused and dedicated.

Sometimes we may choose to put a project aside for some time while focusing on other priorities. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you procrastinate, neither that you give it up. You stay attentive to move forward step by step, honoring the time and space for all to take place. You may go back to that project every week or every month for a few hours to still dedicate some attention.

Patience is a gift that give space for relationships to grow honoring the process of each person involved.

The Vortex of Energy Meditation practice today has been with the form of the waxing moon. Moving clockwise in the sense of expansion. The Element Water was dominant this time. It is a reminder of the importance to nurture social and emotional connections. The water symbolise the relationships, intuition and emotional intelligence.


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