XVI. Perseverance

Moving through the form of expansion (waxing moon cycle) with the daily practice of the Vortex of Energy, it reminds me of the importance to persevere in our lives.

We can see that the moon is growing again, bringing more light in the darkness of the sky. There is hope!

All comes and goes, like the waves in the ocean, like the moonlight through its cycles, like the days and nights, like relationships, emotions, feelings.

As all as something is moving, there is life. Learning to find stillness while navigating life transitions is about the connection to our essence and to our intention.

When we are in our center, we open the flow of the wheel of life.

Whenever we attach to something, to someone_ Whenever we resist something or someone_ it is like a break or rush on our wheel which makes me loose balance. Though, distractions can bring a spark and unveil new horizon.

The Element Earth was the most appealing through my VoE meditation practice. I did it again in the vortex space that we just finished in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. As the sun rises, my body and mind wakes up with harmony, moving and tuning all seven frequencies.

I am preparing my instrument for this new day with clear intention. Awakening my senses for perception.

All our behaviors have been trained by repetition of core beliefs and experiences. Though, we can train our being to a new way only by repetition, it is like training a new muscle with perseverance until it becomes natural.

In this waxing moon we persevere and stay consistent until we believe.


Love & Inspiration

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