XVII. Courage & Confidence

As the schedule of the day was very busy, I chose to initiate the day with and early Vortex of Energy Meditation.

It was a peaceful time of the day, giving space for a harmonious, centering practice. Through the practice today it was a learning experience to be at peace with my strength while staying true to my intention.

In many circumstances I have been rushing when powerful sensation was manifesting in me. Today is a day to learn to be more comfortable with this position.



“This morning I decide to expand on the intention of self worth. Through out the meditation I could feel myself growing stronger and lighter… and felt a release as well in some resistance I have been feeling in my right shoulder and left knee. I felt most connected towards the water… the emotion of compassion. It was with this expansion of compassion towards my being that I could feel the strongest release of resistance within my physical body.” Megan

Love & Inspiration

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