XVII. Expression from our true nature

Focusing on the gifts and direction we like to see grow, expand.

This morning Vortex of energy meditation has been in the reenforcement of the gifts personal space and acceptance on our own true nature.

Last night we observed the differences in our potentials and how they were written on specific lines on our hands. We noticed some specific characteristics of everyone.
It is by accepting your true nature that you can take leadership with mindfulness.
We all complement each other’s responding to situations from different perspectives
When we Map the journey we clarify our position intention and direction.  We encounter more peace and confidence along the way. Even if it is not the expected way of what it should be.
What are your main characteristics and talents?
Are you giving them attention and a chance to strengthen in a certain form of expression?
Every moment is
“I did the VOE on a platform right by the lake yesterday afternoon and again today. It was at 4pm, a beautiful time of the day right before the sun begins its descent. Your guidance with clarifying and solidifying the intention and affirmation has really helped me to feel empowered while in VOE. Empower, became POWER, and taking back my power. I felt much stronger at the end. More solid, grounded. As I write this to you the phrase: I stand in my power comes to mind. Having these last couple of days to myself has given me some space to find my flow and come back to center.” Keeley
Love & Inspiration

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