XVIII. Expression with Clarity

Today is a day where I am living a new step in the manifestation of my intention and vision.

With dedication I have been focusing on integrating the Five Elements and dharmic perspective in projects that can have more extension and influence in the community. I am co-creating in the vision and setup of a spa area in a luxurious eco-resort boutique hotel, that is located in the cloud mountains in Guacanaste. It is a beautiful remote location with a view on the mountains, forests, lakes, all the way to Nicaragua. The air is fresh while still begin warm.

I did my practice at the sacred vortex labyrinth area up the hill in the morning. It was a beautiful flow with some winds coming up at specific moments, bringing some crisp and movement for the expansion form of the Vortex of Energy Meditation.

The fire element was bright, balanced and strong. It was keeping me alert and humble to serve my purpose with mindfulness through the day.

On the property we observed the alignment in between the Elements of Nature and the Elements of the Vision, Intention of the people. The intention is to integrate perfect balance in between people and nature. We are here to support nature’s energy. We are here to co-create.

The Earth Element is in an area of the property where we found beautiful rocks. This space requires to be clear, preserved as is yet uplifted for us to tune with the grounding sensation of Gaia (Mother Earth). Also, we consider the area of the garden where we support a fertile ground to bring a concept of nurturing the earth as well as the earth nurturing its visitors.

The Water Element is in two main areas, where the main clear source of water. It is like the navel of the space. We observed some interferences that can be aligned without too much effort. This will support the flow of the source as well as clarity in the relationships in between people who are involved in the project. The other main area is a space for healing where the water continues to flow, yet it is harmoniously contained to provide a sense of nurturing.

The Fire Element is the spark. There is a spark for everyone with fireplace at each bungalow. There is also a space for a bigger fire in the area where people get together. A contained fire gives the opportunity for everyone to shine, to feel and to share warmth. This location gives a chance to the visitors to experience their uniqueness while feeling oneness.

The Air Element is in such open view all the way to Nicaragua. An open view supports releasing stress and obstacles set from our core beliefs or limited realities we may have experienced in our everyday life. It is also considered in creating space for meditation, for teachings. We considered a space where people can find guidance to direct their thoughts with more clarity.

The Ether Element is in the intention as well as in some sacred symbols. We noticed some areas where a more clear alignment can support the energy to flow with more harmony. Those aspects will be taken in consideration for the transformation of some areas that are already in place as well as in the next part of the project.

It has been a blessing to integrate a Dharmic Perspective in this mindful concept.

Christelle Chopard



“Today’s meditation was focused on expanding health and wellness. I found myself most connected towards Earth as I was focusing on healing physical ailments. 

It’s a pleasant feeling to feel this expansion of clarity and feeling the body heal itself from inside to out.

Many blessings, 


Love & Inspiration

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