XIX. Stillness in Action

This day has been filled with travels and in constant flow of action.

I woke up at 5am to prepare myself with a practice of the five Tibetan rites and a centering Meditation to balance the Five Elements before leaving home at 6am for a long 4-5 hr road trip to San Jose. The typical Central American traffic along the road was keeping me attentive and alert.

Just after dropping the car at the rental company, I had an online consultation. It was just enough time and space before taking a shuttle to the airport. I found a peaceful area where I could center myself before the consultation. I felt at peace and confident to guide the person with clarity along her journey. It has been a very clearing session for her.

All was in flow from the land, to the air, back to other lands. I had no need to wait or wander, the rhythm was in constant motion. The experience has been smooth yet quite intense.

It is not until midnight that I arrived at Roam. After a refreshing shower, I felt alert enough to do the practice of the Vortex of Energy Meditation.

I felt a space of stillness while being in action.


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