XX. Centering space in a city and intense environment.

My return in Miami has been smooth so far.

It is a time to reconnect with the people here while keeping the flow and communication in the other dimensions.

The practice of the Vortex of Energy Meditation Centering form of Full Moon is supporting the process to center myself in this new space.

I noticed that my movements in space was more restricted and concise today. The notion of space and energy when being in a city require a different way to be channeled.

When we are in a natural environment with more balanced energies around us. Our vortex can expand with brightness and ease.

When we are in a city surrounded by intense environment with the noises, the traffic, the radiations and so many people, we need to contain our energy to stay clear and strong. We cannot be as exposed and expanded. We would rather strengthen the intensity while keeping our energy very concise. From that new perspective we can channel and direct our attention with clarity, protection and confidence.


Christelle Chopard

Love & Inspiration

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