XXI. Organization – Time Space Management

May it be a new physical environment or a new perspective while being into similar environment, a clear organization is the support for anything to grow and to manifest.

Today, I noticed a sense of grounding and chose the Earth Element for the Vortex of Energy Meditation. It has been a reminder to clarify my schedule, values and priorities. I noticed how important it is to set clear frames while honoring some space for flexibility and creativity within those frames.

I set up a clear discipline that is adapted to the environment where I am at the moment. Where and when can I do my routine for exercise and wellbeing?

How can I organize my meals while being so active moving from place to place around town?

What are my main motivations and how can I channel my actions in a productive, uplifting way?

What is my vision and where will I direct my attention in these next few weeks during my time in Florida?

All those Elements create a structure from which I can move while staying balanced. Stress Management and time management works best when our intention, perspective and sense of leadership are clearly aligned.


Christelle Chopard


Love & Inspiration

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