XXIII. Magnetism – Full Moon

Today is a super moon. There is some magnetic electric energy in the air. People who are sensitive have noticed stronger intuition and sense of perception through the day and night.

I noticed some intensity in the environment. Many are taken away by their fire driven by distractions. While others took the chance to channel their creative energy with positive intention towards a clear vision. It has been a beautiful time to empower our gifts and brilliance.

Through the day, people with similar vibes connected strongly like magnets.

In the morning I focused on my health joining some friends at the beach for a swim, run and stretches to heal, balance and strengthen my body. Then we shared our Sunday brunch at Lilikoi, a delightful organic restaurant in the area. It has been lovely to reconnect and share quality times.

Later in the day I guided some people on their journey with private consultations.  Everyone value highly the teachings and guidance that support them for their wellbeing and evolution. One person had trouble in his ear with the ear ringing for many months. It was bothering him intensively and constantly until our last consultation. Today, he shared that it is not bothering him anymore and he even forgets about it. It is 95% healed. Also, the profound emotional and physical stress that was causing it is now getting clearer and we could explore a deeper level of liberation, clarification, empowerment.

At sunset I went to the beach for a Vortex of Energy Meditation practice.

The practice was uplifting and insightful during sunset and moonrise. Some people wanted to join the experience. We did the full circle of alignment of all seven frequencies. It is at the completion, when we embraced a sense of fullness that the full moon was rising in the horizon. Her bright orange color coming to the surface like magic. Her reflection being so pure and inspiring on the ocean. We all welcomed and received her light, opening our heart, unveiling a profound sense of love, kindness and peace.

The journey on this Sunday has been a harmonious experience moving from the Element of Earth (physical), to Water (sharing, relationships), Fire (motivations, serving my purpose), Air (guidance, teachings) and then transcending to the Ether Element (transcendence, integration).

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Christelle Chopard

Love & Inspiration

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