Christelle Chopard

My expertise is to integrate ancestral wisdom, the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether), innovative coaching modalities and principles of vortexes of energy in project development – in healing and transformative signature programs – in self-development – in purposeful architectural projects – in development of HR methodologies – ..

GodMother of the Five Elements. I am wearing many hats yet all those are clearly aligned with my intention to support the people and community to heal and to awaken their spirit to shine and to thrive in a natural authentic way.

As a consultant, messenger and healer my intention is to support people, organizations, businesses and communities to balance their intention, mission, values, manifestations and lifestyle in a sustainable way.

From an early age Gaia, Mother Nature, has guided my path with compassion, abondance and clarity. I learned to observe, to listen, to translate the messages in a practical way that we can integrate in our everyday life.

I have now three decades of experience in holistic healing modalities  and self-development, supporting people, organizations and communities worldwide.

Consultant for project development I integrate the five elements of nature, ancient wisdom and innovative coaching methodologies to support the manifestation of your intention, mission and vision.

Consultant for the development of new properties and spaces: we take in consideration the integration of the five elements in a way to create a graceful alignment in between the environment, the people and the constructions/manifestations.

Founder of the  DHARMI® Method is a GPS for your life offering a clear guidance and practical tools for healing, self- and spiritual-development. We offer consulting, immersion and training providing certification and license as life coach, DHARMI, Vortex of Energy Facilitators.

Author: you can find a trilogy based on the DHARMI Method published and accessible on amazon – click here. You can also read articles that are published monthly on some international magazines such as Just Breath Magazin – click here and the blogs – click here. 

Healer: I support people to release stress and to uplift their vital energy rekindling the five bodies to access a state of balance, wellbeing and connection.
Yoga-Therapist Offering classes to release stress and to rekindle the five bodies for balance, therapy and alignment. E-RYT500, C-IAYT, offering classes, immersion, continuing education YACEP, APD. DHARMI-YOGA® offers a therapeutic approach releasing PTSD and balancing the five elements.

Founder: vortex of energy meditation we offer classes, immersion and Facilitator Training for healing, self-discovery and connectedness.

Messenger: I travel following the whisper supporting the reconnection between indigenous, their lands and cultures. The intention is to remind them of the value of their wisdom and spiritual connection with all living beings. I am indigenous from Tramelan and resource myself regularly with my roots, traditions, the healing, plant medicines and rituals from my own bloodline and linage. Godmother of the five elements I feel a profound connection with the spirit of Mother Earth, source of creation and quantum energy.

Handwriting expert: certified by Handwriting University California, I offer handwriting analysis for evaluation, job interview, finding the right fit with potential employees, partnerships, as well as bonding experiences for teams and organizations.

President, business owner: founder of Life Creation Inc headquartered in Florida.

Contact me for more information:

WhatsApp: +1-786-301-7324



  • Condor Blanco International in Patagonia offering seminars and consulting
  • Healing Summit in Portugal
  • Project Consulting in Montes de Malaga Spain
  • Co-creation 5 Elements Aromatherapy line: Spray and BBS together with Biossentiel
  • Retreat in Canada
  • Retreat in Switzerland
  • Project Consulting Costa Rica, Guatemala
  • Project Development Rain Forest
  • Aniwa Gathering, Massachussets
  • Global Women Summit in Basel, CH
  • Consulting Project Mines to Vines: Pavilion of Peace presentation a The Leonardo and UN conference in Utah August

2018.   Consulting on project in Costa Rica, Origins Lodge – Philippines – Turkey – Healing Summit in Berlin, Retreat in Hawaii

2017    Massachussets SYTAR – Conferences and Seminars in Switzerland, California, Costa Rica

Consulting Programs and Project development at Chateau de l’Epinay, France

2017_2019  Nomadic Journey offering consulting, support to the community and immersion Online and at sacred sites worldwide

2017_ Translation in French to “La Voie de la Resonance” _ Transformation of the business DHARMI Institute, Life Creation Inc. from a physical location to online programs (immersion, consulting, trainings) and on-site consulting and services.

2016_ Publication of the trilogy including: “Mindful Resonance”

2015_ Publication of the second book: “Elements on the Journey” _ Co-creation of YogaWaterMat® and production of instructional videos for the product, trainings

2014_ Pilgrimage in Israel, Publication of the first book of a trilogy: “Cycle of Evolution” – President DHARMI Institute Location based in Miami, FL until 2017

2013_ Camino De Santiago Pilgrimage – Opening of DHARMI Institute location in Midtown, Miami, FL _ Offerings of Seminars, Immersion, Trainings DHARMI® Method, Vortex of Energy

2011. Retreats in Costa Rica, Seminars and Immersion DHARMI®Method, Florida, Switzerland

2010_ Studies of the Flower of Life and travel in Egypt _ Qigong Instructor Certification – Retreat in Costa Rica

2007-2013 Offerings Ceremonies and all services mainly in Florida

2006_ Yoga- Therapist Certification (YA), Handwriting Expert certification with Handwriting University California

2004-2006_ Co-Founder Center for Holistic Healing and Self-Development MYSTIQUE in Miami, FL

Integration in the society after 9 years of nomadic life through Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Leading Seminars worldwide, Coaching Programs, NeoShamanism, Coordination and Production of Events dedicated to healing, self-development.

2000 _ Buenos Aires, TV Interviews Zona Infinito _ Publication Cd-ROM book “Self-Discovery a path unveiled through holistic foot analyses”

1997-2005_ International Instructor, Coordinator, Productor Condor Blanco International through the Americas and Switzerland – Instructor Women Circle, Samkya Dance (dance therapy for women), DHARMI® Method, Holistic therapies, trainings, retreats, conferences and TV-Shows

_ Ceremonies:  at Chichen Itzá, Tulum, Teothiuacan _ Vision Quest with Lakotas and then repetition of the vision quest five years in a row for integration _ Fire Walk leader and instructor _

1998_ Foundation of the DHARMI® Method _ International Instructor Condor Blanco Chile _ Holistic Center “Subida al Dharma” in Pucon, Chile

1997_ Shamanism studies, rituals and experiences Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina with aumatas, quechuas,..  _ Camino del Inca Peru _

1996_ 1-year services at ZEN SPA in Sydney Australia

1995_ Certification Thai Massage in Thailand

1994_ Initiation Qigong in China _ Buddhism and Hinduism in India _

1993_ Certification Grinberg Method _ ASCA accreditation

1992_ Certification Esalen Massage _ Studies nutrition, aromatherapy, magnetism – Opening of first studio for healing and self-development in Switzerland _ Experiences in Bali, Java, Indonesia

1991_ Certification Holistic Foot Analysis _ Vipassana Meditation _ Massage Therapy