Portfolio Project


Pavilion of Peace

Inspired by nature and the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements, the Mines to Vines Pavilion celebrates the work of Roots of Peace and hopes to restore the once thriving agricultural communities that have been devastated by the injustice of land mines for decades.
Christelle Chopard offers Consulting based on ancestral wisdom and the Five Elements to Ms. Jaya Kader, KZ Architecture. The Elements are now integrated in their architecture studio in Miami, FL and in some of their projects. Click here to see the Pavilion of Peace based on the 5Elements.

Origins Lodge - Luxury resort in Costa Rica

Dans un endroit où le temps s’arrête, ORIGINS existe.

Suspendez votre vie ordinaire et plongez dans une aventure spectaculaire au coeur de l’alchimie mystique des hautes jungles du Costa Rica.
Laissez l’ampleur de la nature vous placer dans un monde à la fois naturel et luxueux.

Christelle Chopard offered Consulting on site for to the Architects for clarification of spaces and energetic alignments based on the five elements and sacred geometry. 

Vegan Restaurant & Mindfulness

When JM received guidance for her personal healing and development, she noticed the importance to also move through a career transition.
Christelle Chopard offered consulting in completing cycles in her Interior Decorator Business and in the development of her new passion and purpose: the creation of a successful Vegan Restaurant in Midtown, Miami.
JM introduced vegan awareness and delicious meal to the community offering a menu with comfort food, at accessible value and a delicious variety. At the moment she continues to be an activist bringing consciousness about all the harm caused to animals and offering solutions to live a healthier life with more consideration and respect to the animals, and to the environment.

Sacred Vortex Spaces

We find sites and spaces that offer very positive healing and empowering sensation, we call those vortexes.

Sometimes we need to heal, activate and balance spaces to support the wellbeing of the people, the space, or the resort.

Christelle Chopard offers consulting and supports the manifestation of the projects on your land, in your home or resort to align the energy with your own intention.

Here is an article to learn more about it – click here