Christelle Chopard

Christelle Chopard is the Founder of the DHARMI® Method and the Vortex of Energy Meditation. She is a Godmother of the 5 Elements.

The DHARMI Method is based on the five elements and ancestral wisdom, to offer practical tools for self-, spiritual-, and professional-development. The Vortex of Energy Meditation is also based on ancestral wisdom and the seven tonalities to balance the frequency of the people, the environment and spaces.

Christelle Chopard has three decades of experience in holistic integrative consulting (self- spiritual- project-development), coaching, healing modalities, shamanism, yoga, meditation, vortex of energy, sacred spaces. She offers consulting to individuals and companies, immersion and training programs.

Five Elements

Integration of ancestral wisdom and the five elements of nature in a practical way for Healing, Self- and Project-Development


Health CoachingTime and Resources Management


Relationships CoachingEmotional and stress managementTeamwork, community, values


Career transition Project developmentLeadership skills


MindfulnessClarity of Vision and Mind


Spiritual GuidanceIntention and Integration

Project Development

Some projects that received consulting from Christelle Chopard and co-creation:

  • Pavilion of peace
  • Luxury Eco-Resort in Costa Rica
  • Vegan restauran
  • 5 Elements Aromatherapy

Consulting, Guidance

Consulting based on ancestral wisdom and the five elements of nature:

  • Project development
  • Architecture
  • Signature programs for resorts, healing hotels
  • Balancing spaces indoor and/or outdoor


DHARMI® Method

  • A journey of healing, self-discovery and connectedness
  • Immersion
  • Facilitator Training


Vortex Of Energy

  • Healing and activation of Vortexes of Energy
  • Sacred sites, temples and spaces
  • People
  • Projects
  • 28-Day Immersion
  • Live online guidance


D-Y is based on the Five Elements for stress release and self-development

This practice supports people with PTSD, emotional stress, victims of verbal or physical abuse. It is a practice based on intention and compassion. The five dharmic elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether are directly linked to the five bodies. This approach gives tools for a holistic dharmic transcendence.

DHARMI-YOGA is therapeutically oriented yoga focused on enhancing the overall wellbeing and balance of the yoga students.


Christelle Chopard offers private retreats worldwide. The programs are designed based on your intention and the destination you choose to visit.

Along her journey she has created partnerships to offer retreats with experts in different fields and expertise while integrating ancestral wisdom based on the Five Elements and

-> Sacred Sites and Vortexes of Energy (Earth)
-> Kitesurfing, nutrition and happy culture (Water)
-> Awakening at Six Senses Resorts (Fire)
-> Golf and mindfulness. (Air)
-> Re-Source Project and Foundation (in process of development) (Ether)

Private retreat with tailored program based on your own intention.

What People Share About Their Experiences

Eduardo Wilkinson

Eduardo Wilkinson, MD in Texas

It is my opinion that the Dharmi experience is unique in its approach to the health and well being of not only the mind but also the body. I am an ER physician and internist and I highly recommend this discipline because of its focus on the positive evolving force of the individual!

April Wilkinson

April Wilkinson, Mother, Yoga teacher, DHARMI® Method facilitator, Neuroscience

I was going through a very difficult time in my life after losing a close family member. I found myself overweight, low energy, depressed, and “locked up.” After my Dharmi journey, I found the key to “unlock”, lost over 10lbs and found energy and enlightenment!

Jaya Kader

Jaya Kader, KZ Architecture

You can imagine that you have been in my thoughts as I develop the Mines to Vines Pavilion for Roots of Peace.  I have incorporated your Dharmic philosophy and wisdom to the best of my ability.

Rita Holloway

Rita Holloway, Retreat

I highly recommend Christelle Chopard as a guide and consultant along retreats. I have been receiving guidance from Christelle, a spiritual guide, holistic healer and expert in stress management and self-development for a few years.

Wende Valentine

Wende Valentine, Director of Development at Starfish One By One

Throughout the course of a powerful, thoughtful and healing two-day Dharmi session, Christelle was able to guide me through the process of completely reconnecting with my inner self and identifying who I really am at my core.

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Experience the power of Nature within and all around. Live life with the purpose of nurturing a healthy body, loving relationships, taking leadership with mindfulness. Every moment inspires us to nourish self-spiritual- project development while considering the well being of the community and environment. An organic way to manifest your visions.