First free live evaluation

This 15min orientation will help clarify which program will suit you best. This session is not always directly with Christelle Chopard. In certain occasion it will be with someone who she trained personally to guide you in this first step.

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Guidance to Navigate Life Transitions

This 60min online consultation of coaching, healing and meditation supports you to move through life changes with compassion, clarity and confidence.

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Series of 7 consultations

Holistic Stress Management

Stress is the cause of 82% of ailments, mistakes at work, insomnias, depression, conflicts at work or in your relationships. Whether you experience physical symptoms, traumas, PTSD, conflict in relationships (personal or professional), lack of motivation, addictions, distractions, burnout, … Receive support and guidance to manage stress in a holistic, integrative way.

60Min online consultation  $220

Series of 7 consultations highly recommended

Seven Manifestation Steps

This series of seven maps offers you clear tools and guidance from clarification of your intention, vision, to visualization honoring all fundamental aspects to setup your vision, to align your actions in the proper direction and vibration. The method is based on natural laws of creation, visualization and meditation, force of attraction and leadership skills aligned with your true gifts.

Series of 7 consultations

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Online Group Sessions

  • Explore the seven steps to move towards healthier habits, balance, alignement with your true nature with compassion, clarity and confidence. -click here-
  • 28-day Vortex of Energy Meditation -click here-

Seminars in Company

Journeys, Retreats

Therapeutic holistic practice based on the Five Elements