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Christelle Chopard write articles regularly for their publications …
The DHARMI® Method has been founded by Christelle Chopard. It is a methodology based on the five elements and five bodies for healing, for self-, spiritual-, project-developments.
We offer consulting, immersion, education, and training.
The Vortex of Energy Meditation supports the alignment of your frequency with the resonance you like to experience and to attract into your life.
Vortexes of energy supports balance, activation of our own magnetic field as well as the one of the environment surrounding us and our relationships.
We offer private consultations, teachings, immersion, and facilitator training.
All their hotels inspire personal transformation.
They offer programs that will support you in your search for living a happier, healthier and fulfilled life.
This practice integrates the Five Elements through Yoga Practice. It is a therapeutic approach supporting healing and the balance of the five bodies.
We offer private and group classes, immersion, and continuing education trainings.

A harmonious mindful yoga practice. We offer: SUP-Yoga, water ceremonies, ..

Christelle Chopard offers private and group classes of yoga therapy.
She also offers continuing education APD to C-IAYT (certified yoga therapists).