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Trilogy for healing, self-discovery and manifestation.

Christelle Chopard is the author of a trilogy to guide you navigate life transitions with clarity, compassion and confidence:

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Aromas and fragrances have a strong impact on our wellbeing and mindset. In the DHARMI® Method we use aromatherapy to support healing, transcendence, balance and wellbeing. Christelle Chopard has created a series of the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether together with Nelly Grosjean to balance and activate the frequency and energy that you need into your home. The products are available in Spray. Use the code: af-dharmi at the check-out section to benefit from a 10% discount on your order

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Articles and Interviews

Christelle Chopard has been featured in magazines around the Americas,  Europe and Asia. Here are a few of them:

How Iza Calzado recovered with PTSD and found more clarity on her Life Mission: Mission: Exclusive Metro.Style – Click Here

VoyageMia – Her journey as a successful entrepreneur in Miami, FL

VoyageMia – DHARMI® Method

Recto Verseau – coaching

Magazine in Argentina




I have been collaborating with Just Breathe Magazine and Healing Hotels of the World since 2016. My role is to support connections, to offer retreats and signature program development based on the Five Elements and to write article monthly.  Access the articles online

Live Ultimate

Live Ultimate has sourced the highest quality, pure and sustainable superfood ingredients from the most respected organic farmers and ethical wild crafters around the world. Our whole food powders lock in the nutrition and benefits Nature intended to profoundly improve the quality of people’s health, appearance and overall well-being.

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Lilou Mace Interview

Lilou Mace met Christelle Chopard at her Institute Mystique in 2006. She received some dharmic guidance and had a vision seeing herself speaking in front of thousands of people.

From that vision, Lilou created a mandala and began a new transition into her career when she began to create her own youtube Juicy Life channel. Since then she has brought positive mindful messages to thousands of people worldwide.

Here is a video of one of the interviews that the did together: click here 


Catch the Yoga WaterMat® aquatic fitness wave. Ideally suited for the individual yogi seeking Zen on the lake or in the backyard pool Offers SUP yoga enthusiasts a complementary experience when the weather outside is frightful Opens new programming possibilities for group aquatic fitness and wellness classes at clubs, resorts, or hotel pools.  Gallery   –  Here is our Online Store

Offering healing and holistic development based on the Five Elements since 1991

My universal consciousness began when I was 7 yo and learned to read the clouds.

You can find youtube videos from TV Interviews done twenty years ago in South America and more information on social media. Yet, my attention is more driven towards direct life experiences. I hope our paths will cross soon.

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