Navigating life transitions

Are you returning from abroad to your home country, in process of impatriation?
Have you already returned to your home country and find it difficult to re-integrate yourself?
The reintegration of returnees from abroad is causing difficulties for families, companies and organizations. In coaching, in psychology and in integration programs, we have noticed that the impatriation to our home country after living many years abroad can cause a more intense trauma and difficulty than the expatriation into a new location.

Or, are you an expat and seek ways to integrate into a new culture and environment with more harmony, while honoring your personal values?

As a holistic therapist and life coach, I have three decades of experience guiding people through life transitions. Personally, I have traveled through more than fifty countries. I lived for 28 years in different cultures and environment (in Asia for 2 years, in Australia for 1 year, in South America for 7 years, in America for 18 years). After all these years living and working independently as a healer, a life coach, a yoga teacher, as well as the coordination and instruction of retreats worldwide, I returned to Switzerland. The impatriation can be even more difficult than the expatriation. We cannot “return” after so many years. We cannot come “back” to our roots. We can only develop resilience and rekindle the points of our life in a holistic way to move along our path. We will never feel home again, the way we did before we left; neither the way people experience it if they remained living in a same country for most of their lives. We can create a new home, a new way..  I am here to support you along your journey. The guidance support you to create new point of references in accordance to your values and to support your wellbeing in a new environment.

Are you experiencing a sense of disconnect from the culture, the environment, and the country you live in? 
The integration into a new environment affects our physical health, as well as our emotional balance and mindset. The Dharmi Method supports people to develop new point of references and to create balance within your life. When I arrived in Switzerland, even my physical body didn’t know anymore how to integrate food. The climate was so different than in the tropics where I lived for twenty years. I had to make changes in my alimentation and life rhythm to develop resilience and to adapt to the new environment. The language we use requires also some adjustments. We need to develop new ways of behavior and communication, that correspond to the understanding and the culture we live in.

Are you changing or did you loose your landmarks? In these circumstances, we need to develop a high level of resilience. These changes affect our physical health, as well as our psycho-emotional wellbeing.

As a holistic therapist, and coach through life transitions, I had the opportunity to travel through 53 countries. I was inspired to study different modalities and traditions worldwide as I lived and to provided my services through Europe, Asia, the Americas, Hawaii, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. I lived in Asia, in Australia and through the Americas for 28 years before “trying to return” to Switzerland. Though, I noticed we never “come back”, we can only move along with mindfulness and continue to create our life and to nurture our relationships honoring who we become as an individual. My personal experiences have enriched my level of empathy and the development of a methodology that is efficient through different situations, different cultures, and different personalities.

The DHARMI Method ensures a harmonious and mindful process of integration and/or reintegration.

This approach ensures a safe and successful reintegration. Often it is not considered that you might have changed significantly through your stay abroad as an expatriate. Often the behaviors and values of the sending country are taken on, which leads to a role confusion upon return. In addition, there is usually uncertainty about the future in your home country or threatening family problems due to stress, burnout or unresolved experiences.

What we take in consideration and what we offer:

  • Acknowledgment of your experiences and the personal development you gained
  • How can your life experiences support you at this time of your life. What is good to let go and what is valuable to empower?
  • How to develop resilience for wellbeing and happiness into your new environment
  • Re-integration into the home culture – or – integration into a new culture
  • Conflict and Cultural Management:- What do I need / what does my family need now?- How to effectively avoid the negative effects that are associated with the return?- How do I find my place in society?
  • Clear tools to support your wellbeing and your growth in the new environment you live in.
  • Creation of a strategy to integrate yourself step by step.  Sometimes it becomes difficult to select the priorities and to have clear steps in the process of transition. With life experiences, as well as clear strategy development, we offer a support that is tailored to your personal needs and situation.
  • Networking with other people in similar situation
I am here to support you and will provide you with a tailored offer matching your situation and requirements.

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