Inspirational Speaker

Christelle Chopard is the founder of the DHARMI® Method (and yoga-water). She is a world’s leading expert in holistic healing, development and stress management.

She is a published author and wrote a trilogy, a series of three books: “Elements on the Journey” “Cycle of Evolution” “La Voie de la Resonance”. Her first collaborative book was published when she lived Argentina. At this time she is working on another collaborative book “Recipe for Living” where she brings a holistic perspective to nutrition and include the concept of the Five Elements in her teachings.

So many ways, so many paths_ She created a map to support people clarify their own path!


  • Holistic Stress Management.
    • Resisting change or forcing change can be more stressful than accepting and navigating life transitions.
  • Set yourself free! Freedom is an art that requires dedication and commitment.
    • Free of attachment, free of expectations, free to express your feelings, free to manifest your dreams, free to share with an open heart, free to be you and to do the best out of your life! 
  • Flip the coin – Change of perspective
    • from fear to excitement, from anger to willpower, from guilt to compassion, from I cannot to I take ownership, from I am lost to I explore possibilities, ..
  • Apply Nature’s Wisdom to manifest your vision with integrity and purpose.
    • Five Elements to develop self-confidence _ for clear communication _ to nurture healthy relationships _ for Stress management


She has supported people in many cultures on six continents to navigate life transitions with clarity, compassion and confidence.

As an independent and authentic woman, she has been self-sufficient since the age of 18yo and self-employed since the age of 22 yo. Originally from Switzerland, she lived for a year in Asia, a year in Australia and seven years in South America before she established herself in Florida.

She is an explorer and did a solitary round the world travel at the age of 23, which lasted more than 2 years (without access to internet or smart phones). Her sense of exploration brings her not only in traveling to remote locations, in experiencing rituals and traditions from different cultures; but also in awakening new potentials and possibilities in her everyday life.

Her approach to life transitions is not only focused on external aspects of life but mainly on the perspective and expectations we have towards our relationships, our business, our career, our life, our environment.

She is a nature lover and her hobbies are mainly outdoor activities: kitesurfing, paddleboarding, open-water swimming, hiking, skiing, yoga and meditation. She integrates the wisdom of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) to guide people to access their true potentials and harness their inner strengths.

From experiences with chamans in the jungle following profound rituals and visionquests or with sadhus in temples hidden in the mountains in Ladhak_ to experiences with a prince of Arabia in Seychelles. From supporting women’s development and transitions in women shelters to guiding celebrities in times of transitions of career or relationships. Christelle Chopard has an open mind and open heart which inspires many people to grow and live life to the fullest.