Wellbeing in Company – Corporate Events

Do you want to improve the wellbeing of your team at their workplace?

Are you seeking a wellness and coaching program in nature for a corporate event?

The health condition, the level of concentration, as well as the motivation and the engagement of your team affect highly the productivity of the company.

Yoga and meditation techniques have repeatedly been proven to improve memory retention, enhance executive functions like attention span, boost productivity levels through improved concentration, and reduce stress levels while improving overall well-being.

With its stress-reducing properties, corporate yoga can help to elevate your employees’ mood as well as boost their confidence. This overall will help to create a harmonious workplace.

The top 5 benefits of corporate yoga in the workplace: 
– Increased Energy. Working full days every day decreased blood circulation and can create stress, causing fatigue.  
– Reduced stress. In the last few years, we have noticed a higher level of burnouts in the workforce and teamworkers in swisscompanies. These situations affect the wellbeing of the people, as well as the productivity in the company.
– Increased focus and productivity. 
– Increased discernment and concentration. 
– Increased creativity.

Learn clear tools to support the wellbeing of your team, and the productivity of your business. 

Consulting and coaching:

  • in company in person
  • in company via zoom
  • corporate events at our locations (Champex-Lac, VS or Preles, BE) or at a location of your choice.

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