Christelle Chopard – Expert in Holistic & Wellness Program Development

Five Elements

Integration of ancestral wisdom and the five elements of nature in a practical way for Healing, Self- and Project-Development


EnvironmentFoundationResourcesPhysicalMaterial Aspect


CommunityEmotional ValuesRelationships


MissionLead to actionMotivations




IntentionConnectednessLife’s Source

Project Development

Some projects that received consulting from Christelle Chopard and co-creation:

  • Pavilion of peace
  • Luxury Eco-Resort in Costa Rica
  • Vegan restauran
  • 5 Elements Aromatherapy

Consulting, Guidance

Consulting based on ancestral wisdom and the five elements of nature:

  • Project development
  • Architecture
  • Signature programs for resorts, healing hotels
  • Balancing spaces indoor and/or outdoor

DHARMI® Method

  • A journey of healing, self-discovery and connectedness
  • Immersion
  • Facilitator Training


  • Healing and activation of Vortexes of Energy
  • Sacred sites, temples and spaces
  • People
  • Projects
  • 28-Day Immersion
  • Live online guidance


D-Y is based on the Five Elements for stress release and self-development

This practice supports people with PTSD, emotional stress, victims of verbal or physical abuse. It is a practice based on intention and compassion. The five dharmic elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether are directly linked to the five bodies. This approach gives tools for a holistic dharmic transcendence.

DHARMI-YOGA is therapeutically oriented yoga focused on enhancing the overall wellbeing and balance of the yoga students.


Christelle Chopard offers private retreats worldwide. The programs are designed based on your intention and the destination you choose to visit.
In all programs we take in consideration the five elements: the intention, the culture and vision, the purpose, the community and values, the environment and resources.

Some of the intentions can be:

    • A return home to reconnect with your land of origin
    • A time to detach from addictions and to return to healthy living
    • A connection with a land, space or community for the development of a project

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Experience the power of Nature within and all around. Live life with the purpose of nurturing a healthy body, loving relationships, taking leadership with mindfulness. Every moment inspires us to nourish self-spiritual- project development while considering the well being of the community and environment. An organic way to manifest your visions.

Holistic and wellness programs are now very important for today’s resorts and companies.

An integrative program to promote good healthy and balance for your employees is becoming a priority.

It supports people to manage the high level of stress that your employees and team experience daily.

Christelle Chopard help you develop programs that are in alignment with your vision and intention.

She develops taylored programs based on:

  • your mission
  • your objectives
  • your challenges
  • your team and workforce
  • your structure

The methodology is based on the Five Elements, which takes in consideration: mindfulness, confidence, emotional balance, wellness-physical health and integrity.

From another perspective, we take in consideration: the cultural aspect, the motivations and engagements, the relationships, the environment and the vision.

Ms Chopard is uniquely qualified for that mission as a world’s leading expert in holistic health, wellness and consulting. She has thirty years of experience in counseling people for holistic stress management, self- and professional-development in different cultures on six continents. She is a published writer and speaker. She develops programs that highly benefit people and companies in a holistic and integrative way. She is a massage therapist, a life coach, a qi-gong instructor and a yoga therapist.

Christelle Chopard offer conferences, seminars, as well as expertise through the process of development of a holistic and wellness program that will best suit your vision and location.

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It will be a pleasure to support good health within your team and company.

Contact information in Switzerland is: +41 (0)79 934 3287