She was running a successful interior decorator business. Though, this route was bringing a lot of stress into her life. Feeling depressed and tired she initiated a dharmic journey to release the pressure and access a space of clarity.

She began her process through dharmi-yoga with Christelle Chopard (Amarun) for alignment, release of stress and finding more balance, creating balance between mind, body. After a few sessions she chose to enter in a more profound self-discovery journey receiving guidance online and in person from Christelle. Each step has been a revelation, experiencing healing and awakening.

Along the process she first began to detach from the stressful triggers of her daily activities. After a profound healing she unveiled a new flame and passion. As more light and clarity appeared, she also noticed her sensitivity to some injustices happening around her.

She observed a very high concern for the animals. She was aware of the disturbing realities in regards to the treatment of animals for meat consumption.

Her inspiration to bring more awareness while bringing emphasis to vegan diet lead her to a purposeful transition in her career.

In the next few months, honoring all five elements and following a clear dharmic guidance, she closed her business, found more space for her wellbeing, and then innovated a brand new concept: Green Living Animal Matters.

Her offerings include healthy options, comfort food with 100% vegan guarantee products even in the wine selection.  All this at affordable value for the consumers.

It has been a clear manifestation of her vision and purpose. It brought consciousness in a pleasant way to the clientele. A great success along her journey.

New cycles appear along the way honoring life’s constant evolution.


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