Christelle Chopard offers consulting based on the Five Elements (DHARMI® Method) for the development of healing spaces, and signature programs.

  • Consulting for alignment in the philosophy and approach:
    • Environmentally friendly, prioritize local food (Earth Element)

      Healthy values, space for everyone to share, community support in some kind, team bonding (Water Element)

      Offer opportunities of engagement, motivations based on positive intention, leadership (Fire Element)

      Message and teachings, cultural activities, mindfulness and education (Air Element)

      Sense of purpose and intention (Ether Element)

  • Consulting for the Alignment in SPACES
  • Consulting and SIGNATURE PROGRAMS development


    Click here for more information about the services offered for project development as well as for the restructuration of the programs, visions and spaces.

    Contact us for a first evaluation and quote: +1-786-301-7324 –

    Her experiences in project development includes:

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