It has been a blessing to spend fourteen years with my attention focused mainly in Miami, Florida. I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a person and to develop more tools to support the wellbeing of people and to guide them with a clear GPS on their journey for balance and abundance.
I hear many times people telling me that they are seeking their path. Though, everyone is already walking their own personal path. Maybe you are noticing that you have been whirling in circles or that you are at a crossroad and would like to unveil new possibilities aligned with your aspirations along your journey. Perhaps you would like to find more balance, purpose and clarity. Do you want to attract love, contentment and lightness on your journey?
Through private consultations and seminars we provide you with tools to release attachments, expectations, or fears that hold you back. We guide you to access the potential within you to take leadership with positive intention, creating your reality with acceptance, vision and dedication.
It is a blessing to share my personal and professional journey. I hope that it inspires you to follow your own journey with acceptance and confidence.
I am now entering into a new cycle. I will still be regularly in Miami and the DHARMI® Institute headquarters remain in Florida. Though, I will be traveling more to bring the teachings to other states and countries. It is a time to bring the teachings out into more natural environments and areas where people can fully embrace the benefits of the direct experience of the Five Elements for wellbeing.
As the methodology focuses on supporting you on your own true path, you can always receive guidance whenever, or wherever you are with online consultations.
For availability for consultations, seminars or trainings online or in person, contact Keeley at
Christelle Chopard

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