As one of the published authors of Just Breathe Magazine, I am in direct connection with the Healing Hotels of the World.

This organization brings together leaders, projects and hotels that are dedicated to healing modalities around the globe. Focusing not only on healing the physical body of the people but on a whole personal transformation integrating mindfulness for the environment and community.

In 2018 I participated to the Healing Summit in Berlin. It has been an inspiring experience connecting with likeminded people who have healthy values and are really pro-active in bringing mindfulness, healing worldwide.

As the founder of the DHARMI® Method and practitioner in holistic transformative dharmic journey with three decade of experience worldwide, I am aware of the importance of joining our intentions, our effort to succeed in bringing a positive influence for a better world.

This year’s Healing Summit will be held at the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal.

“The HEALING SUMMIT 2019 –TAKING A QUANTUM LEAP, is an initiative of Healing Hotels of the World. This unique conference serves as a platform for professionals striving for a holistic approach to life and business, with the aim to create a global community of influencers who commit to doing good. An annual event since 2014, the HEALING SUMMIT embraces all topics that are inherent to the worldwide brand Healing Hotels of the World.

A holistic lifestyle means taking full responsibility for one’s health and life as well as taking responsibility for the world around us. The summit provides a space where individuals and businesses meet to debate, discuss and learn from their collective wisdom, ranging from an in-depth understanding of healing body, mind and soul, to how we conduct business, to our inter-connectedness with the world around us.”

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Peace & Inspiration,

Christelle Chopard ~ Amarun


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