~ Mindful Resonance 

The Vortex of Energy Meditation, and activation is a practice that is supporting people to find more balance, and to enhance their magnetism. A way to rekindle spiritual essence within our everyday life. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Sometimes we feel a gap in between the different dimensions we live in. 

When we clear and activate our energy field, we balance our health, and uplift our frequency. Together in practice we create a grid of energy around us, and around the world. 

The Vortex of Energy meditation integrates a subtle work based on intention. Through breath, movements, visualizations, we balance all seven tonalities and five elements. 

The form is based on sacred geometry, aligning the torus, which is the field of energy within us, and radiating all around us. 

We align the seven tonalities to heal and to activate a Vortex of Energy. The alignment of the seven tonalities with positive intention creates a harmonious resonance, and attracts synchronicities into our lives.  

In the design of the Vortex of Energy Meditation you notice the symbols of sacred geometry, as well as the five elements. Through specific movements and visualizations we cleanse and activate this vortex of energy, tuning in a frequency of light, aligned with our intention. 

Pictures made with a GDV machine prove the effect of this meditation on the alignment of the chakras, as well as the empowerment and balancing of our magnetic field. (http://vortexofenergymeditation.com/about/)  The results are shown in just one practice of the vortex of energy meditation. 

We are all aware that there is more and more contamination in the air we breathe, in the energy field we live in with the wifi, and other aspects that affect our wellbeing. We are conditioned by some radiations that affects our electromagnetic field, influencing our health, as well as the one of the animals, and nature.

We are also affected by thoughts, relationships and factors that cause a conditionment into our lives. With this practice we choose to take leadership to heal, and to activate a mindful resonance within, and all around us. 

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We have the potential to be part of the solution for healing and connectedness. If we all practice regularly, together we join our intentions for a higher purpose, uplifting and nurturing a field of love, compassion, and happiness. 

There are ways in ancestral medicine, and rituals that cleanse the field of energy and activate the light, the vital force within us and in vortexes of energy. 

In chinese medicine, we call this activation qi-gong (qi: vital energy gong: activation), in yoga we speak about the prana (life giving force through breath). 

The vortex of energy meditation is a practice that activates the life force/vital energy for healing, and wellbeing. 

With a regular practice honoring the moon cycles, the seasons, and our intention, we create a magnet, and a vortex that supports the alignment of a light frequency on the planet. 

Our field of energy is constantly affected by the radiations in the air, by the contamination, by wifi, it can also be affected by negative thoughts or patterns. Traumatic experiences (ptsd) affect us as well. 

The vortex of energy meditation consists on clearing our field, balancing the energy, while honoring the law of nature and its principles. 

We take in consideration the moon cycles. When it is the waning moon, we focus on clearing the field of energy. On the new moon we work on the rebirthing, and on the reactivation. On the waxing moon, we dedicate attention to the manifestation and expansion. When we are in the full moon we are in the celebration, in the openness and integration. 

We respect the cycles of impermanence, clearing and expanding, navigating through life transitions with compassion, and mindfulness. 

In this practice we honor the natural cycles of the seasons, as well as the current in the ocean. In the Northern hemisphere the currents move clockwise. In the southern hemisphere the currents move counter-clockwise. 

We notice some subtle differentiations in the practice depending of our location. 

Taking in consideration the frequency of our intention, we integrate ancestral wisdom, together with natural laws for a clear alignment into your life, and into the field that surrounds us. It does create a ripple effect nurturing our relationships, and environment as well. 

This Vortex of Energy Meditation, as well as the mapping methodology (DHARMI Method) invites you to a Journey of healing, self-discovery, and connectedness. 

We offer classes, events, online course, books, immersions and trainings for those who are interested to learn more and to be part of a movement of peace, love and happiness. (www.vortexofenergymeditation.com)

We honor all five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. We create a grid of energy connecting us all with our environment and all living beings. 

This methodology bridges the gaps between us and ourselves _ between our essence, our environment, relationships, and lifestyle. It is a spiritual experience brought into a grounded space, giving tools to embody our essence into a practical way in our daily life. 

When we practice the Vortex of Energy Meditation, we balance the seven tonalities with the frequency of our intention. We take leadership in activating a positive vibration within us, above, below, and all around us. 

~ Shanti

Christelle Chopard (Amarun) 




Video introduction with symbology:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tBI1T-3k7Q 

Christelle Chopard has three decades of experience in holistic therapies, healing, and coaching modalities. She has been guiding people along their journey through different cultures in more than fifty countries worldwide. She has been learning from different traditions, spiritual teachers, sacred paths, shamanism, as well as innovative scientific methodologies. She is the founder of the DHARMI® Method and Vortex of Energy Meditation. 

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