A New Moon experience in nature

This morning I chose to do the Vortex of Energy Meditation practice at the respective time of the New Moon.

As I am creating a line of products with mala-beads aligned with the Five Dharmic Elements, I planned to initiate the japamala of the Ether Element and took white quartz beads for its manifestation.

It is a blessing to be at the sacred space in Costa Rica for practice. After a few minutes of alignment, I picked an essential oil with the feelings (with closed eyes) to see which frequency would support best my meditation today. The Ether Element has been the one. Which has been a confirmation of my previous intention.

I walked within the labyrinth and tuned in a harmonious subtle alignment.

Along the process, some coyotes came along and passed very close to me. They walked by and looked at me for a few seconds. We all staid in peace and they kept going, running up the hill. One of them stood up for some time on the top of the hill, exploring the horizon, feeling the breeze.

A subtle and intense energy moved through my body, clearing mind and bringing me fully to the present.

When I faced the Earth Element cardinal point, I saw another coyote on the other hill. All was in flow, feeling as if their presence was releasing obstacles along the way and clearing the path.

At the completion of the practice I sensed a balanced space of lightness and clarity.








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