Life is a dance. We are all connected influencing each others in our movements, moods, motivations, and mindset. 

We are all connected, may it be just by the fact that we live all together on earth at this time. We are all connected in our thoughts, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, below the stars, sun and moon. Separation is the only illusion. 

When we meet people and go to places we are influenced by the vibe that surrounds us. We also affect others with our own smile, dynamism or any frequency we are in. When we tune with the frequency of an intention, we experience more synchronicities with others who are in a similar resonance.

What is an intention? 

It is something we intend to experience, to share, and/or to manifest. 

I would say that a goal is more a future external manifestation we wish for. While the intention is the real intend behind the goal.

We can expect to find happiness when we have the perfect relationship. Which is a clear expectation out of a goal. 

Or we can choose to focus on happiness in the way we relate, and how we nurture our relationships to find the ones that are most aligned with our values. 

The change in perspective is subtle It leads to a distinctive experience and perspective. 

Some people run away to find peace. While others choose to develop peace with what is and to bring peace along their way. 

I invite you to take a moment to clarify your intention and to write it down. 

A 28-day journey/practice (click here for Vortex of Energy Meditation) offers a clear guidance to manifest your vision with abundance and harmony.

We experience the law of attraction when we are in tune with the frequency of our intention in all five elements: 

The Earth connects us all. We are all touching the same earth at this time, we are together. 

Walking with mindfulness we activate the frequency of our intention on each step. The sensation of the earth below our feet reminds us that we are supported and connected with all living beings. For this experience I invite you to hug a tree and to visualize the connection in your touch, in your heart. Visualize the roots of the tree and your own connection to the earth, feeling this extension to all beings around. 

“The drums will always beat loudly in our hearts even though the noise of the world. Every time your feet touch our mother earth our souls will feel the pull of those who walked before us.” William WindWalker

The water moves within and all around us, connecting us through those molecules of H2O that circulates constantly. 

We relate together and influence each others emotionally. 

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