In the previous blog you received key elements to support your wellbeing (earth), and relationships (water). This month we will explore elements to nurture your self-esteem (fire).

Is the ego really something negative?

Maybe we do have a negative, and a positive ego. I consider that we still need to have a healthy ego, in order to fulfill our visions, intention, and respect healthy boundaries.

This will be reflected by taking the “role” that allows us to take our responsibility, honor our values, act with compassion, clarity, and detachment.

A negative ego is based on judgements, expectations, attachments. While having a positive ego, or a healthy self-esteem takes in consideration your feelings, honoring your intention, relationships, and building up a strong self confidence.

For people who study and apply the yamas in yoga, such as ahimsa (non-violence), asteya (non-stealing), aparigraha (non-greediness), and niyamas, they receive tools to nurture a healthy self-esteem. Per example ahimsa, non-violence, remind us to not be violent towards others, and also to not allow violence towards ourselves. It requires care and sensitivity towards us, and others.

A holistic approach to building self-confidence includes the consideration of the five elements. It requires commitment towards ourselves and our environment. It can happen only by accepting to take leadership in our lives.

In the earth element: We consider the physical and material level. It reflects how we manage our time, our money, space, and follow a clear discipline. We develop a level of independence, we become more self-confident. Do you respect healthy boundaries?

In the water element:  We consider our emotions, and learn to channel them with intention. We positively influence our environment, from a space of compassion. We nurture healthy relationships. In which way do you aim to influence people around you?

In the fire element: We build up strength and clear values, to develop a sense of personality, a role, leading our actions to inspire others. We exude confidence, and express our feelings with warmth. We are appreciative of our gifts, and support others to realize theirs. In which way do you take leadership?

In the air element: We clarify our vision, and priorities. We focus our attention towards our vision, and intention. Meditation, clarity and reflection are skills that support your evolution, and a clear communication with your environment. What is your vision?

In the ether:  We are aware that we are here for a higher purpose than feeding a selfish ego. It is a key element to stay humble and still have a healthy self-esteem. We allow a space for luck, being alert to synchronicities, making a leap of faith that is sometimes required to continue our path with harmony, and evolution.

May you shine to your full potential!

Christelle Chopard




  • Giuliano Geronymo,
    Posted July 21, 2015 5:12 pm


    Thank you for these inspiring words. I appreciate the review of the elements and to see how they can be explained simply & clearly. Today I honor the elements as my paintbrush dances across my wooden canvas:

    The air brings me clarity & focus
    The fire reflects my intention in each brush stroke
    The water cleanses the colors of the paintbrush
    The paint celebrates & decorates the life of the wood, the earth element, who has offered herself to me for a new life
    The ether supports me to integrate this space of pure love, enjoying myself in a positive & uplifting way!


  • admin,
    Posted July 23, 2015 2:35 am

    Thank you for sharing. It is beautiful to see the way you integrate the teachings the expression of your talent, bringing a sense of integrity, and intention in your art, creation!
    Peace and inspiration,

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