Waking up early to welcome the first sunrise of the year has been my ritual for many years.

Here is a suggestion of what you can do on this 1st day of the year:

A moment for reflection

A moment for clarification of your Intention

Meditate for a few minutes to align with your intention and balance your frequency. When you take in consideration the seven tonalities the experience becomes holistic and give you the chance to integrate it fully.

Video Vortex of Energy Meditation -click here-

Audio-meditation Nr. 5 -click here-

After the alignment with your intention, you will take a few minutes to design your Dharmic Map for the 2017. It can be based on a shape of mandala or in another way. As long as you take in consideration all the Elements.

The Element of Earth to create a clear plan, structure on how to organize your resources and discipline for the manifestation of your intention.

The Element of Water to honor healthy values and flow in your relationships. You take in consideration the integration of your intention in your emotional intelligence, intuition and emotional capital.

The Element of Fire to lead your actions with intention and direction your attention, your actions with the right intensity_ for healthy self-confidence and motivations.

The Element of Air reminds you to direct your thoughts based on this intention, to reflect it into your perspective and in your form of communication.

The Element of Ether is an overall integration and gives space for a clear alignment of your intention within and all around.

Ref:  Book “Elements on the Journey” & “La Voie de la Resonance”

I wish you a Happy 2017_ Unveiling daily wonders with compassion, love and dedication.


Christelle Chopard



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