It is a blessing to be in Florida for a few weeks with the opportunity to reflect in a beautiful peaceful space.

After 14 years based in Miami, my wings are reopening inspiring me to fly. The headquarter of the DHARMI® Institute is staying here. It is the opportunity to come back regularly and to continue to nurture positive healthy relationships that are very meaningful to me.

Surprisingly it doesn’t feel like home anymore. I remember when I arrived. It was after almost ten years traveling and teaching worldwide, like a gypsie, without any official home residence. It has been quite a journey to reintegrate myself in the society. As a free spirit, the only way has been to open my own business and to create a service, profession, that have a meaning and clear purpose in the community. That way I could stay aligned with my mission while dealing with the karmic side as incarnated human being.

I remember my intention when I arrived. It was so pure and authentic. I am appreciating every moment. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to walk along the beach, to feel the breeze clearing the mind. It is delicious to feel the sand below my feet and the water clearing, opening to infinite possibilities.

The foundation is strong and the connections are in flow. It is with leadership and a clear vision that we can grow. Balancing all the Elements with positive intention becomes an attraction.

Peace and inspiration,



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