My first experience with the Ultimate Shrooms has been impressive. After drinking it I felt very focused and my energy through the day was balanced, light, open. My mind was sharp and clear.

Live Ultimate has sourced the highest quality, pure and sustainable superfood ingredients from the most respected organic farmers and ethical wild crafters around the world. Our whole food powders lock in the nutrition and benefits Nature intended to profoundly improve the quality of people’s health, appearance and overall well-being.

The selection of products offers a perfect complementarity for your wellbeing and beauty with:

  • The ultimate elixir
    • The evolution of the multivitamin
  • Ultimate shrooms
    • Nature’s most powerful immune support
  • CBD
    • Unmatched Purity for Ultimate Wellness
  • Skincare
    • Recovery serum
    • Bamboo and citrus gentle exfoliator, facial cleanser
    • Multi peptide eye treatment
    • Daily moisturizer

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