After a peaceful completion of 2017, with a light dinner, quality time in friendship, beautiful conversations and making a toast with the traditional grape for the transition… I began with a restful night.

A dear friend woke up early as well. We did a meditation, pranayamas and setup the intention for the Day and for the New Year. Then, we did together the Five Tibetan rites and had a tea prior to my departure.

As I am driving towards the airport, I see the moon shining so bright, so full, so majestic in the dark sky. She is bringing her light and gives me a sense of protection along the way.

I arrived at the airport on time, feeling blessed that my body is not hurting today. After a few weeks of regular intense pains, I began to feel better again. It looks like a profound nerve and inflammation healed after one of the sharpest intense evening and a few sweat. As if a fever wanted to take some dark toxins out of my body at that time.

Waiting at the airport, I feel peace and so inspired to fly to Costa Rica, where I plan to pursue and to nurture the connections from these last few months.

The flight was delayed which gave more space for everyone before the departure. Once in the plane, I heard the captain voice informing us that we will have to wait a little longer for security checks that they had to do in the plane.

His voice was so familiar to me, it brought a smile to my face.

I switched on my phone again and sent a text to him, asking if he was flying today. It has been a few years that we haven’t seen each others. We were kitesurfing together and sharing quality times regularly. I wrote that I was in the plane flying to SJO.

Surprisingly enough he answered to me right away telling me that he was flying. Indeed, it was his voice. I felt so happy to be in the plane he was flying.

Just 2 minutes after the flight attendant came to me confirming my name and asked me if I wanted to move into first class. She said that the captain did upgrade me.

We could share a few words before the plane took off.

After the breakfast of my choice, seated comfortable with plenty of space for my laptop to do some writing and planning. The flight attendant came to me with a bag telling me that it was a gift from the captain. All those gifts bring so much warmth in my heart.

My first flight of the year has been in first class, filled with gifts and beautiful energy all around me. I feel so humbled and grateful.

This is a first reflection of the intention that I did set for this year. I feel cared and supported.

At the arrival, we enjoyed sharing a few words and a big hug filled with love and gratitude.

My decision to be in Miami to complete cycles and to initiate the New Year in Costa Rica has been very clear. I am inspired to focus my attention and my energy towards communities where they focus on caring and nurturing our planet, our people.

The Full Moon was shining bright in the sky in the jungle this evening. I did a profound Vortex of Energy Meditation for peace, compassion, abundance – a harmonious alignment in this first day of the new year.

In my eyes the greatest priorities at the moment are to cultivate a healthy nurturing relationship between us and the earth. We are here to care and to support our beautiful planet. Nature is our guide and our main source of inspiration, of creation, of manifestation.

My mission is to bring the message and guidance for people to integrate the principles of nature within their lives, their relationships, their businesses and their wellbeing. It is a two way street. When we learn from nature’s five elements and laws of manifestation we become more attentive and sensitive to our environment.

I am dedicating attention today to the Kokopeli foundation, to the people who supports the cause and production of natural resources for organic production and preservation of so many variety of plants and natural medicines that are disappearing due to the abuse coming from human greed and ignorance.

I am dedicating attention today to indigenous wisdom and communities for whom the main priorities are to care for our planet and create a harmonious relationship between us. I have done vision quests for five consecutive years between 1998 and 2003. We focus on 365 prayers for peace, protection, love, abundance, health, for ourselves, our loved ones, our community, planet, plants, environment. Whenever we feel hungry or tired. Whenever we pass through a difficult or through an epiphany, we channel the energy towards the prayers reenforcing them with positive intention and compassion.

This path continue its tradition with some communities in different countries. Some people are initiating the year with this ceremony here in Costa Rica.

I am dedicating attention today to a beautiful group of people who choose a dharmic way to manifest their intention and visions in 2018. We have a class online just 2 hours before the peak of energy of the Super Full Moon. We take a moment to clarify our intention, to setup a space and a map for visualization and meditation.

This one-hour guidance provide clear tools for everyone to clarify their personal map for the new year.

Every month we have online webinars to clarify our priorities, our intention and our directions on our own personal ways. We are all in tune, connecting in the “here and now” from wherever we are. It is a dharmic and mindful support system that respects the law of nature’s cycles along the journey.

The theme of next month’s class is: “Key Elements to Navigate with Love” on 5 February at 7:00PM EST

I am dedicating attention today to meditate at the Full Moon with a purposeful vortex of energy Meditation practice. This practice brings a profound alignment between the universal consciousness and the down to earth reality. When we channel a frequency of light, we create a vortex which radiates some energy all around us. These rituals influence our environment and community in a subtle yet profound way.

I am dedicating attention today to write and to share with YOU! 🙂

What is your intention for 2018?

Have you set a clear vision on how you can bring your intention into manifestation in all main aspects of your life?

Feel free to post a comment below, or you can also write to me personally at:

May the new year be filled with grace, prosperity, love and compassion.

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu – May all beings be happy and free.


Christelle Chopard


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