Christelle Chopard is an independent and adventurous woman. She is the founder of the DHARMI® Method for holistic stress-management, self- and professional-development and a published author. Chopard is originally from Switzerland and has traveled many paths before settling in Florida. She is the owner and president of Life Creation Inc., dba. the DHARMI Institute, headquartered in Miami. Chopard measures success not only by how many goals you reach or how much money you make, but also by the quality of life and abundance you experience.

Being independent and manifesting a vision is the dream for many. Here, she shares with us the Five Key Elements to support the process for a successful journey as an Entrepreneur.

Element of Ether

This Element takes into consideration your inspiration, purpose and intention. When entrepreneurship is based on a higher purpose you won’t think only of yourself, you will focus on a broader expansion. When your vision is larger than yourself, then there is more capacity for expansion and for success.

This Element also considers giving back to the community.

Element of Air

A clear mind and vision will support the process. Take time for reflection before action. The  clearer the vision, the clearer the process for development will be. Set up your mind for positive outcomes and perspective. Your mindset must be one step ahead of the process as it provides the direction. For intelligible and successful communication, give clear directions to your team. The more knowledgeable you are in your field the better you can educate people about your services or products.

This Element also considers Public Relations and Direction.

Element of Fire

Being an entrepreneur is a role that requires a high level of leadership and dedication. You are the spark of the project. Your role is to motivate and inspire your team, your clients and the community. Measure the intensity of your actions by not burning your team with an overflow of work and ideas. If we relate to the elements, an excess of Air (ideas, and thoughts) can turn down the fire, (motivation and action). Yet a lack of oxygen will cause it to fade. There is a sense of complementarity between each of the elements. Being passionate about your project and vision is the spark for any idea to manifest.

What motivates you the most in your vision? Developing leadership skills and leading by example will inspire those around you to carry you forward on the journey.

This Elements considers interaction with clients, networking and marketing.

Element of Water

In this element, we consider the power of influence. People are influenced by the movement of emotions. Emotional intelligence provides space for flexibility and flow. Yet this energy still needs to be contained by strong discipline and clear values that we will cover in the Earth Element. Being an entrepreneur can trigger much excitement, frustration, disappointment and sometimes attachments. Emotions move in a different way when it is your own business than when you work for another company. Learning to channel your emotions and use them as a source of vital creative energy is fundamental. If you freeze and give in as soon as some intense emotions come to surface, you may give up on your project very early on. If you try to not feel, or to not be involved in the process, the lack of emotional sensibility may lead you to a place where you won’t learn. If you feel frustration and disappointment it is a sign that something in your business needs attention. Something is not fully aligned, and your sense of perception is a source of information for you. The second brain is in the gut. Listening to your gut feeling supports you to stay alert, and to awake. Take into consideration emotional intelligence while honoring core values through the process. If you learn to recognize the messages from your intuition and reflect on them with a clear mind, you will combine two voices to find a clear answer.

Clear Water nurtures balanced teamwork.

Element of Earth

Managing your resources of time, finance and space. Consistency and discipline are principle foundations for a successful business. As an entrepreneur, you must keep working even if there is no work. You must stand on your own two feet as you are the main pillar,  and the core center piece of your project. Staying healthy with a good routine of exercises, healthy nutrition and good sleep will help with keeping a clear mind and accessing the source of energy and inspiration to continue to move forward. Preserving your energy and resources is also important, because you must be charged up if you wish to give and to continue to inspire your team, your clients, your network and community. The base can become dry with lack of nurturing, while in another situation it can become overwhelmed with a lack of foundation.

A strong healthy Earth element provides prosperity.

When you take in to consideration these Elements for decision making, you will find more clarity (Air), confidence (Fire), compassion (Water) and continuity (Earth) to manifest your Vision with Success.

Christelle Chopard