We are all unique yet so alike. Through life experiences as well as through my career, I have discovered many ways and different approaches for wellbeing.

When I take an integrative perspective in this matter, I take in consideration Five Elements to support wellbeing in a dharmic way.

Air Element: In this element I consider the psychological aspect.

Your perspective towards life, others and towards yourself affects your state of mind. You can influence and clarify your mind through meditation and breathing exercises. The clarity of the mind supports your level of concentration and reflection.

You can benefit highly from daily intellectual stimulation, which challenges and trains your thought process. This will support the way you direct your attention and focus. When you open your mind to new perspectives, you open windows of possibilities that support psychological wellbeing.

Fire Element:

When you follow your heart’s desires and use a sense of leadership to take actions with positive intention, it elevates your self-esteem. The more aware you are of your talents and potential, the more clearly you can develop self-confidence. It is when you accept who you are that you can also accept others. As human beings we experience profound feelings and drives that are unique to everyone.

But you can burn yourself or others and deny your feelings. Those imbalances can cause depression and lack of motivation. You have to nurture your fire and develop your potential to uplift your energy. You have the possibility to follow your heart and inspirations. This will provide you with a sense of wellbeing, purpose and healthy self-esteem.

Water Element:

We can learn to surf the waves and direct the emotional energy creatively.

Honoring our relationships and core values supports wellbeing in the emotional aspect of our lives. There are no negative emotions. It is the way we perceive, process or channel our emotions that can transform them into negative or positive. We can develop emotional intelligence when we relate with others with sensibility and respect. In this element we also take in consideration the way we process and digest the food we eat. We can recognize if we are too attached and experience fear of letting go.

Earth Element:

A strong foundation provides the resources needed for your wellbeing. If you have unhealthy habits, you can make a shift and choose to create a healthy discipline. Listening to your body and responding to your needs is a skill that can be developed with mindfulness. A healthy diet, a daily exercise routine, a good night’s sleep and managing your resources with clarity are key for a prosperous, healthy lifestyle.

Ether Element:

In this aspect we consider the integration and balance between all the elements mentioned above. Also your choices in the environment and the people you surround yourself with. It is not that vital what you do, rather the way in which you do it and your intention behind it. When your intention is positive and you give space for all things to align, then the flow can open.

What many call luck, is the response to dedication, trust, and presence.

When you are alert, receptive and compassionate, that is when you notice that the right thing happens at the right time with the right people. You experience an overall wellbeing and bliss. You give space for all the Elements to be present and in tune in your life.

The environment you live in and the lifestyle that you choose affect your wellbeing immensely. Our surrounding influences us all. And if we are influenced that means that we also have the possibility to influence others around us in a positive way if we choose to.

I invite you to take a few minutes to write down if you experience stress or imbalance in any of the Five Elements mentioned above. You can take a few minutes to reflect and observe how you could give space to support the presence of each element in your everyday life.

Christelle Chopard