There are five main elements that function in your life and they affect five corresponding areas of your existence—your health, relationships, self-esteem, state of mind, and overall energetic fields. As a whole, they steer you towards developing clear values, living with integrity and clear intention. Also, they support you in experiencing harmony in all things. Aided by healthy, holistic lifestyles choices, emotional sobriety, the use of proper introspection and meditation and correct choices about your professional development, your life can unfold with grace and balance. These Five Elements that will be discussed and how we can integrate them into different aspects of our lives are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Nature is the most beautiful and functional creation you can turn to as a model.

No matter how worldly or sophisticated or even cynical we become, the truth is we are one with the other inhabitants of this planet—the animals, plants and fellow humans—who share this fragile blue globe. We are as affected by weather, the passing of the seasons, damage to our environment and the passage of time as any of our fellow creatures.

These external aspects make as much of an impact on us and how we view the world as our age, our emotions, our perspective or our circumstances. The earth spins. Mother Nature gives birth and presides over deaths. Time truly does march on and the natural world gracefully bows to such changes. Not so man. People come into the world screaming. That first scream is symbol of liberation. Yet many of us spend the years after that striving and fighting and clawing our way to worldly success, trying to fulfill expectations and creating attachments, until we face the inevitable loss of all that we have spent a lifetime collecting. How much more serene would we be if we could learn balance, how to live our lives gracefully, while manifesting our inspirations and visions and honoring healthy values and relationships? We can grow, manifest, and have a harmonious, abundant life with family, home and society, while respecting our intention, time and space with a balanced lifestyle. When we allow beauty, acceptance, and love into the process of creation, we then can surrender, with no argument when our time on earth passes by. To everything there is a season…even for our lives.

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