Spring is a time to bloom and to flourish.

Through the Winter the earth rested in hibernation. Slowly the white cover of the snow gives space for the buds to appear, for a harmonious rebirth in this time of the year.

It is a beautiful time to clarify which quality or potential you choose to nourish. Is there an aspect of your life you wish to see grow and bloom this year?

Moving through the Elements for a new awakening requires introspection and clarification of your intention. Time to meditate. (Ether Element)

Visualize your intention and the bud within your heart waiting to bloom. Maybe you can perceive a substance, a frequency, a color or a particularity that makes it unique and essential. Time to breathe. (Air Element)

Give it warmth, support, encouragement to be, to flourish. Sometimes we may be shy to give it space to shine. Sometimes we may be impatient and try to rush into the process. Observe which intensity and rhythm is best for you at this time. Time to act with confidence. (Fire Element)

Allow the flow of your emotions and a harmonious creative process. Listen to your intuition and use your sensibility on the journey. Time to flow with compassion. (Water Element)

Nurture your gift, giving it time, space and the resources it requires for a prosperous creative manifestation. Time to reveal. (Earth Element)

We are all particles of a great vision. We are all pixels of a great image that we cannot always see. Walk the journey with harmony, bliss and dedication. All we have is this present moment and experience, unveiling life wonders one step at a time.

Peace and Clarity,

Christelle Chopard

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